Insurance Coverage

Your items are protected

With Firefighters Move U your valuables are always protected and insured. We offer multiple levels of protection to give you peace-of-mind.

Released Value Protection

Released value protection coverage will be applied to all articles at compensation of $0.60 or 60 cents per pound. Everything is valued at 60 cents per pound (Example: 50lb article movers’ maximum liability is $30 ($0.60 x 50lb)). There is no additional charge for this coverage.

Volunteer and member resources

Full value protection coverage will be applied to all articles. Client agrees to pay $100 per truck load for this coverage. If any article is lost, destroyed or damaged while in Firefighters Move U’s custody, we will, at our discretion, offer to do one (1) of the following for each item:

    Repair the item

    Replace with a similar item

    Make a cash settlement for the cost of the repair or the current market replacement value

Legal notice

Our Disclaimer

We want to be as transparent as we can from the start, that’s why we publish our disclaimer for the world to see.

The customer, or customer’s representative, agrees to waive FFMU from all liability due to risk of harm for activities requested by, or for, the customer.

  • The customer agrees to have all items packed and sealed in boxes before the arrival of FFMU. The customer further agrees to have confirmed in advance that all large furniture and/or items can be safely removed from the dwelling without further disassembly.
  • FFMU is not required to pack up any unboxed items, perform any cleaning services, disassemble or reassemble furniture, dispose of “junk” or trash, or stage items at the end location.
  • Payments: Payment options are cash, credit card, or Business Checks only – personal checks are subject to approval. A $30.00 charge shall be applied to all returned checks. Payments shall be made in full upon completion of the move unless pre-arranged terms are agreed to in advance by both parties. There is a 3% processing fee applied to all debit/credit card payments.
  • Appliances: FFMU will not be held responsible for damage to any plumbing, electrical systems, or water damage associated with either the connection or disconnection of appliances. FFMU, at the crew members discretion, may hook up / unhook washing machines and dryers, but is not responsible for any damage to customer personal property in the process.
  • Electronics: FFMU will not be held responsible for damage to electronic devices which are not packed properly in their original packaging. This includes, but is not limited to, televisions, computer monitors, stereo systems, video game systems, printing devices and power tools. FFMU, at crew members discretion, may assist the customer in the mounting or dismounting of televisions, but FFMU will not be held liable for any damages to customer personal property in the process.
  • Furniture: Due to their fragile nature, FFMU does not cover damage to particle board furniture or plants. Sleep Number beds should be disassembled and assembled by the customer. If a customer requests FFMU crew members to perform such tasks, the customer will not hold FFMU liable for any damages made to the Sleep Number bed. FFMU does not disassemble or assemble pool tables. Tuning of pianos may be necessary after the moving process. FFMU will not be held liable for any fees associated with tuning of pianos resulting from the moving process
  • Improper packing: FFMU is not liable for any damage resulting from improper preparation/packing by the customer. FFMU is not liable for the contents of containers not packed by our crew members.
  • Dirt and soil: FFMU crew members will always do their best in regards to tracking dirt and soil into a customer’s property. However, due to the nature of the job and circumstances in which crew members may work in, tracking of dirt and soil into a home may be inevitable. FFMU will not be held liable for any damages to customer personal property due to dirt and soil.
  • High Value Items: FFMU assumes no responsibility for money, jewelry, sensitive documents and other valuables. Please make sure these items are safely put away, or packed up before our FFMU arrives.
  • Attics and Crawl spaces: Due to the risks associated with crew members operating in attics and crawl spaces, FFMU will not be held liable for any damages associated with moving operations within these confinements.
  • Truck Placement: Due to the risks involved with driving on surfaces not designed for vehicle travel, FFMU does not drive on grass, sidewalks, patios or any surface not meant for truck travel. If alternative truck placement is requested by, or for the customer, FFMU will not be held liable for any damages to property. customer, or customer representative, will be responsible for time lost due to truck positioning.
  • Personal Property Protective equipment Opt-Out: Protecting your personal property with door protection, moving blankets, shrink wrap, and/or bands helps to keep your possessions safe from damages that may occur with the moving operation. Opting out of this will speed up the moving process, decreasing the overall cost, but will increase the probability of damage. By opting out of this service offered, customer, or customer representative, waives all rights of filing a damage claim on any items that would have been previously protected by FFMU crew members.
  • Claims not specified above: FFMU will not be responsible for claims not specified in this contract.